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Advice that matters

With Marina Kab Law Office, you will receive the quality representation and respect you deserve.

Immigration Law

Immigration law is a federal law which means that we are licensed to assist clients worldwide.

Family Law

If your family life takes an unexpected turn, contact a caring family lawyer.

Corporate Law

We will go through with you all the stages of opening a corporation and prepare all the documents, consult on the management of the company.

Personal Injury Law

A personal injury case is a legal dispute that arises after a person suffers harm from an injury where someone.

Our Team

Catalog 2017

Excellent service, very satisfied with customer service far exceeded my high expectations and requests !!! Thank you for exceeding typical customer service. Obviously, the law office of Marina Kab cares and values ​​its business.

Forms & Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of cases does your law firm handle?

    At Marina Kab Law Office, we handle claims at all levels of litigation. Our areas of practice include commercial law, labor law, intellectual property/technology transactions, and litigation.
  • How long have you been in business?

    Marina Kab Law Firm was founded by Marina Kab in 1998 and since its inception has been unwaveringly committed to handling cases and/or entering into beneficial settlement agreements for our clients whenever possible.
  • What are your working hours?

    We work from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday. However, please call or email us outside of business hours. We are committed to answering calls and emails from our and potential customers within 24 hours or less.
  • Do you charge a consultation fee?

    We want our clients to be well aware of their legal rights. Therefore, we offer free consultations to our clients and potential clients.
  • How much will legal fees cost me?

    We strive to provide you with the most cost-effective legal representation. We can negotiate hourly wages, incidental charges, and fixed wages.
  • How long will this process take?

    The length of a trial can vary greatly from case to case due to the very unique facts of each case. Many factors are not in our hands and are often within the scope of the trial schedule. Multiple events during the trial can facilitate the speeding up or postponement of the conclusion of the case. We ensure that all deadlines are met on our part to ensure the fastest possible process on your behalf.

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